EGYPTIAN MILK (Premium Gold - 4 Days Brightening Milk)



Product Description

Grerivian Egyptian Milk is a premium intensive skin lightening lotion which gives the skin the most attractive, enchanting and captivating tone. It’s also popularly known as "The 4 Days Brightening Milk” which is the most fastest brightening milk ever discovered. It Enhance & beautifies the skin, It enriches & eradicate uneven skin automatically including dark spots and scars. In addition, It reduces and eliminates any sign of discoloration and hyper-pigmented skin.
The Egyptian Milk Despite known as '4days brightening' is still a lot safer & not harmful to the skin. This product does not cause any skin diseases or irritation as it is formulated with natural ingredients, it helps eradicate patches & green veins, it enhances, moisturizes & improves the skin texture leaving it with a perfect ravishing glow.

1 - 750ML Egyptian milk bottle.


DIRECTION: It's for external use only, Apply on the body Morning and night after bath. Use twice daily for a better result.


INGREDIENTS: bearberry extracts, lactic acid, licorice root, Emulsifying wax, bees wax, olive oil, honey, bee propolis extract, water, critic acid, royal jelly, lavender oil.

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Customer Reviews

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I guess the products are for those who can afford them, I’ve purchased, but just cost too much to maintain. Every time I get an email I would look at the products hoping I could find something I could afford. It is hopeless. Especially on retirement income.

Bad products

I was scammed by this lady and ordered for years at least two year and her lotion didn’t do me any justice don’t buy but at ur own risk pls because for me she suggested this one and way back it was even like $900 stop treating ur costumers like this while ur lotion only damages they skin I’ll be post my pictures to how her products burnt my face and body lots strech marks very red also and I cried for a year to go to another person in Nigeria who sells for cheap that helped me get my skin back this lady owes me my money back but it’s ok God will show you grety.. I lost thousands dollars for something that damaged me all she kept doing was suggesting that it’ll be all right keep using after I told her my skin is sensitive and want something that’s not gonna harm me but thank you and my God will show u because now I know why nobody buys from her like before scammer and skin damaging type person u are .. be honest to ur costumers and at least if u wanna damage they skin low the price 🤣🤣😂ur the biggest scammer n liar I’ve ever known who sells fake products u don’t make it with love

Funke Olowosulu
It’s working

Love it 😍 I only wish the price is reasonable.

Lynette P Dillard
No one's jealous

I was watching the videos a saw this amazing product so I looked it up thinking it was about $70 and when I saw the price tag, I last all hope of ever getting it, the price is not realistic for everyday people, You sould change the name to RICH GIRL LOTION.

Ridiculous price

700 dollars for lotion , honey please lmao!