EGYPTIAN MILK (4 Days Brightening Milk)



Product Description

The Grerivian Egyptian Milk is a powerful whitening milk popularly known as "The 4 days brightening milk" EGYPTIAN MILK is a premium skin brightening milk which gives the skin the most attractive, enchanting, captivating and seductive tone. it can also be called "THE SEDUCTRESS" which is said to be the most fastest brightening milk ever discovered in the whole universe. It Enhance & beautifies one's skin tone. It enriches & eradicate dark knuckles automatically including dark spots and scars. In addition, It reduces and eliminates any sign of discoloration and hyper-pigmented skin. The Egyptian Milk Despite known as '4days brightening' is still a lot safer & not harmful to the skin, this product does not cause any skin diseases or irritation as it is formulated with natural ingredients. This product also helps in preventing stretch marks, patches & green veins. It enhances, moisturizes, & improves the skin texture leaving it with a perfect ravishing glow from a distance. The Seductress (EGYPTIAN MILK) is the best product Grerivian formulated in 2018.

DIRECTION: It's for external use only, Apply on the body Morning and night after bath. Use twice daily for a better result.


INGREDIENTS: bearberry extracts, lactic acid, licorice root, Emulsifying wax, bees wax, olive oil, honey, bee propolis extract, water, critic acid, royal jelly, lavender oil.

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