EGYPTIAN MILK (Premium Gold - 4 Days Brightening Milk)



Product Description

Grerivian Egyptian Milk is a premium intensive skin lightening lotion which gives the skin the most attractive, enchanting and captivating tone. It’s also popularly known as "The 4 Days Brightening Milk” which is the most fastest brightening milk ever discovered. It Enhance & beautifies the skin, It enriches & eradicate uneven skin automatically including dark spots and scars. In addition, It reduces and eliminates any sign of discoloration and hyper-pigmented skin.
The Egyptian Milk Despite known as '4days brightening' is still a lot safer & not harmful to the skin. This product does not cause any skin diseases or irritation as it is formulated with natural ingredients, it helps eradicate patches & green veins, it enhances, moisturizes & improves the skin texture leaving it with a perfect ravishing glow.

1 - 750ML Egyptian milk bottle.


DIRECTION: It's for external use only, Apply on the body Morning and night after bath. Use twice daily for a better result.


INGREDIENTS: bearberry extracts, lactic acid, licorice root, Emulsifying wax, bees wax, olive oil, honey, bee propolis extract, water, critic acid, royal jelly, lavender oil.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Silvia Santibanez
Didn’t work for me

It didn’t work for me at all ..
so don’t waste your 💰

Batool Alnakhli
Where is my order

I didn’t receive my order or any information about shipping it
My order number is 6326

Cynna guru
It works

It’s the best product I have used in lightening my skin. It takes time before your skin gets used to the cream but it’s very effective and safe for me since am allergic to niaciamide, and I get bad side effects from that like stretchmarks and skin sensitivity like some other product I used in the past few months. But I havent had any skin irritation with this product. As a person living with hiddradenitis supprativa this product has helped lighten my acne immensely. Please buy it does work and it’s safe on skin. No. Side effects.


Is this cream good for chocolate colour?
Or there is other prescription

If you want to lighten your skin , yes that is what is it for.. to lighten any skin tone. but if you are not interested in lightening then you need caramella essence

Khadija Saeed
Still I didn’t receive my order yet

Sorry,I can’t give you my review because I didn’t receive my order yet. I ordered on 12/02/2021