Velvety Facial Repair cream



Product Description

New Velvety Facial Repair -This is very moisturizing and helps dehydrated skin return to normal. It also helps remove pimples, freckles, sunburns, patches, dark circles, dark spot and discolorations on the face.(It is a lightening face cream)

DIRECTION: APPLY MORNING AND NIGHT FOR A BETTER RESULT. Result within 3 weeks (External use only)

INGREDIENT: Aqua(water), Cocoa butter, Carrot Oil, Vitamin C, Mulberry Fruit extract, Niacinamide

Customer Reviews

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I have not yet received my order

I would like to write a proper review, when order is received and tested.

Best Regards

Ryan Garcia
Don’t buy if you don’t want to waste money

Never received my order and horrible service

Should I buy it or not?

I see people in the reviews saying they’ve never received they’re order and it’s making me double think if I should waste my money on this or not

Sue Naidoo

Horrible service

Dee D
Very Honest Review.

To make a long story short, this face cream really works. It brightened my face without giving it that "bleached, ghost look" and also didn't make me breakout
There are several red flags I noticed.

1) When I was ordering this product, the shipping was $15 dollars flat and there are no other options for shipping rates. I was confused by this because I know you only pay this much in shipping if it's express shipping. I was even more confused when the product arrived and it came from Texas. I also live in the U.S, so I couldn't understand why the shipping was that expensive.

2) The container that I received in is nothing like nice gold one the one shown on the website. It came in a plastic container with cheap graphics and writing. This is false advertisement. It also did not have the list of ingredients on it.

3) After paying $80 (price + shipping) I was disappointed when I opened the container to see it half-way filled. I mean all this money being spent on a small container and it's not even full? No fair.

4) Lastly, after about a month of using it, the color of the cream turned dark. I'm not sure what could cause this, but it was weird.

This is my review, the cream works but unfortunately there were a lot of red flags that came with it. If customer service can properly explain and resolve these issues, they'll have a top notch product!