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New Velvety Facial Repair -This is very moisturizing and helps dehydrated skin return to normal. It also helps remove pimples, freckles, sunburns, patches, dark circles, dark spot and discolorations on the face.(It is a lightening face cream)

DIRECTION: APPLY MORNING AND NIGHT FOR A BETTER RESULT. Result within 3 weeks (External use only)

INGREDIENT: Aqua(water), Cocoa butter, Carrot Oil, Vitamin C, Mulberry Fruit extract, Niacinamide

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews

Simply amazing!
Fine lines reduced, skin is plump and firm, acne is under control , acne scars are vanishing, lighter and youthful skin .
Noticed results in a week!

Was a waste of money for me

I bought velvety repair a while back. On top of it being packaged in a different bottle, they took longer to deliver. I think they don't have stock and just order it in when you place the order over here. That would be okay if it's equally clear on the website that you are pre-ordering, which will cause delays.

Well, I.tried using the actual product and it quickly lightened me in uneven patches. That was more evident in areas like around my mouth. I stopped using it for a couple of weeks and waited for my skin to go back to its original shed and those dark patches to reduce before I tried again. The same thing happened again, I had that embarrassing 'zebra skin'. I think the proper term could be leopard skin. I thank God for Covid and its masks.

Oddly, the cream turns black after a short while and it has that funny bleaching cream scent. Doing a little more research on that will be wiser. (Please note that I am aware that you say that you don't add any of those bleaching ingredients)

I didn't bother contacting because I had already experienced terrible customer care prior, took it as a lesson learned. There was no value in doing that for me. Also, I am not asking for a refund.

An ad just popped up on my socials about how incredible the products are, and I Just thought I would help the next sister out.

Delivery tAkes forever!!! And discounts codes and offers doesn’t work in my country!

I love the cream am purchasing for the second time. The only problem is the delivery takes very long time. I haven’t received my cream yet. And also the discount codes and offers doesn’t work especially on my side. Please work on this! Otherwise I love your facial cream!!

Jacinta Mwendwa

Hey,,I have not yet gotten the cream so I will let you guys know how it work on my face.

Carol Daniels

Not working you guys didn't give me the real cream,I spent about $90 but the cream is not working,Am not happy about it at all,am rating it poor perfumance